Rob's Pass Hunter

by Igor Shteynbuk
velo orange pass hunter blue with 700c wheels

I purchased my Pass Hunter Frameset in the fall of 2022. Previously, I've had numerous VO parts as well as a Piolet that is my go to mountain bike. 

I ordered the Pass Hunter with a Grand Cru Headset, bottom bracket and a Grand Cru 50.4 Crankset. When it arrived, I immediately fell in love with the cool blue colorway.
My vision for this bike was a traditional steel steed that stands out with a modern drivetrain and carbon wheels.
velo orange pass hunter overlooking a river
I carefully began the build and towards the end I was constantly swapping seatposts and stems to get that dialed fit. Here is the complete list of parts:
After about a year, I added a Whiskey Carbon fork to lighten things up a bit. Honestly, I'm contemplating a return to the steel fork as the bike seemed a bit more compliant. 
velo orange pass hunter with whisky carbon fork
After about 2,000 miles, I can confirm that the Pass Hunter is by far the smoothest bike I have ever pedaled. It is also the prettiest bike I have ever owned. I look forward to many years of all day rides on my beautiful Pass Hunter.

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