Philly Bike Expo Recap, part 1

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Another Philly Bike Expo is in the books! It was an outstanding show filled with some of the best builders, brands, accessories, and makers. This particular year was awesome because it was our first time exhibiting at Philly since the pandemic. It was great to reconnect with friends and partners in person instead of through our glowing rectangles (phone/computer).


VO was all over the show! Fenders, racks, handlebars, and more were featured on multiple builds. So let's dive in and see how these builders used our bits to outfit their show bikes!

Royal H Randonneur

bryan royal h custom bike steel with velo orange components and accessories
This was an absolute stunner of a rando-style bike from Royal H Cycles. Fancy carved lugs, luscious paint, nicely curved fork, and sensible accessories like our Randonneur Front Rack, Hammered Fenders, and Voyager Rims.
close up of curved seatstays on royal h randonneur
Look at that seatstay cluster! I love the way the stay curves around to seamlessly connect to the other side.
Closeup of a fender mounted to a frame
I really dig the spacer Bryan machined to match the curve of the fender. 
velo orange front rack for randonneur bags
Our front Randonneur Canti Racks are a favorite of his for these sorts of builds. Looks great!
lugged headtube of a royal h randonneur
This paint is absolutely stunning! And the little windows filled in with blue really creates a good amount of pop.

Maiorosse Cycles
Our show neighbor, Maiorosse Cycles brought two bikes kitted out with VO! This lightweight sport-tourer had some really neat touches, like a custom "Sea Turtle" rear rack, shortened Hammered Fenders, Grand Cru Long Reach Brakes, and Bishop Gravel lugs for modern-sized tubing.
maiorosse rear sea turtle rear rack
Dan (the builder) told me that the owner of this bike is really into sea turtles, so of course he'd make a cool rear rack for them! This was definitely an eye-catcher for a lot of people walking by.
Grand Cru long reach brakes for rim cnc stiff silver black
It's a rim brake bike, so of course he's going to spec the best mid/long rim brakes, our Grand Cru! He was able to nicely tuck in the painted shorty fenders under it, making a really nice and tidy package. 
headtube lugs green and cream
He utilized Bishop's gravel lugs to use more modern geometry and tubing selection. Which means Dan can really fine-tune the ride characteristics in the custom bikes he makes.
maiorosse porteur
I also really liked this fillet-brazed porteur frameset outfitted with our Constucteur Rear Rack and Porteur Front Rack. Not only does it show the magnificent quality of fillets Dan lays down, it also gives the booth visitor an opportunity to dream of how they would build it up. 
fillet brazed porteur maiorosse
So smooth! I don't know if I'd just clearcoat it or go with some really nice, metallic paint. Decisions, decisions...
I thought this was a cool detail. Dan cut out and brazed in a metal version of his logo onto the seat stay caps. Nice! These sort of little details can be easily missed unless you have a keen eye. So when you go to shows, make sure to study the bikes because you might miss something really neat.

Chapman Cycles

Brian Chapman always brings the heat, and this year was no exception. Both of these Sport Tourers featured VO Smooth Fenders and custom-detailed hardware.
Brian redid the hardware so that it sits inboard of the fender, as well as added detailing to the outside. Our eyelet bolts are made of brass, so they machine nicely and can lead to some really nice detailing when the plating is removed. Also check out the accent striping along the fender which matches the blue accents all along the frame.
I mean....just wow!
All those little details really make these sorts of bikes really special.
chapman cycles sport tourer
It's so interesting that even though this one and the one behind it are very similar in their designs, this one looks so much more modern with the black components and accessories - I really dig the look.
Don't call it pink. It's Coral!

Jeff Bock French-Inspired Randonneur

jeffrey bock french randonneur
I'll admit, this one only had our 1" Decaleur Mount, but this was a stunning modern interpretation of a traditional, French-style Randonneur. 
Remember what I said about details? Look at the pass-through on the seat binder bolt. Details, people!
The lug and box lining are out of this world! 

Johnny Coast Randonneur

Johnny Coast does Randonneurs soooo right. The thinned lugs, traditional components, elegant fork bends, and accessories brings everything together into a super elegant and practical package. This one features our 650b Zeppelin Fenders, Fender Reflector, and 650b Voyager Rims.
The bi-lam headtube is just so clean. I just noticed he even thinned out the Dia-Compe Shifters!
A little jewel on the fender :)

Bilenky S&S Travel Bike

Bilenky (the host of Philly Bike Expo) had this beautiful chrome and green travel bike featuring our Triple Crankset
I don't think I've ever seen a bike with this color combination, but I really dig it!
They do a lot of S&S coupling of custom bikes and retrofitting, so of course it had to be on display, front and center. I actually really like the bubbly type lugwork on this one.


  • Douglas M

    Please bring the Velo Orange Campeur and Mixte framesets back into production.

  • Jim Hughes

    Gorgeous gear, beautiful machines and not a battery in sight. I hope this part of the cycling world can keep its integrity into the future.

  • Andy

    It was a great show! Lots of opportunities for nerdy bike conversations with lots of bike nerds. I especially enjoyed the Velo Orange rep - whose name I forgot to ask :( - who said that the best thing about these beautiful bike frames is that VO components can hang from them!

  • Matthew

    On the rando-style bike from Royal H Cycles, is there another spacer connecting the rack to the fender?

  • Mark

    Cool to see a Geneva, NY based builder! Finger Lakes, baby!! There must be some really scenic rides in that region of NYS.

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