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Cigne Stem



The Cigne Stem gets its name from the French word for swan. The shape is inspired by the old gooseneck LD stems by Ibis and Cunningham, but with a few accommodations for modern bike needs. 1 1/8" threadless and 31.8mm handlebar clamp with a removable faceplate. With 145mm of vertical height from the base of the stem to the center of the clamp, it's pretty useful for getting your handlebars up high without using a ton of spacers. Available in High Polish, Nickel, and Noir.


  • Handlebar Clamp: 31.8mm
  • Steerer Clamp: 1-1/8"
  • Height: 145mm (base to center of clamp)
  • Weight: 343g (90mm size)

The Cigne functions as both your stem and top cap. Your star-nut should be approximately 1cm from the top of your steerer tube and you need at least 55mm of tube (metal only, not for use with carbon steerers). Now slide your stem on the steerer, slip in the long bolt with the washer, pretension with the long bolt, and clamp it down at the base. Use grease as needed.

Use these 2-piece handlebar shims if you need to reduce from the 31.8mm clamp diameter: 26.0mm and 25.4mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael Donovan

got my bike fit perfect, I'm quite tall and this bike has a long top tube so this really brought the bars up and in while still allowing me to keep drops on the bike, perfect solution, also looks awesome

Brandon Cottey
It’s Definitely Odd and Definitely Cool

After sending provocative pictures of this stem laid upon its plush satin bag, I took it home and mounted it to my Miyata StreetRunner.
I sat there and looked, pondered, and ultimately said “what the heck, let’s give it a shot.” I mounted the bike and took off around the neighborhood. First thing I noticed is riding upright is… dang comfy. The stem is fun, simple, and well crafted. I love how Velo Orange doesn’t suck the tailpipe of the mainstream bike industry. This stem is kinda odd, but I think it’s only odd because you don’t see it on other bikes. Practically speaking though, if you are in the market for this stem you are probably trying to gain some height on your handlers and also have a short reach. This does exactly that, all the while adding some style points to your unique two wheeled steed. And that is pretty cool of Velo Orange for providing a 1 of a kind stem for such a practical need. Good job VO!

John Davis
Love it

Really enjoy the slightly more upright position. Most steerer tubes are not long enough for taller people. I am 6’5” and want a slightly higher position and this gets the job done. A great alternative to a custom fork. Thanks

David Zell
Not compatible with quill adaptors

Because of the diameter of quill adaptor bolts and because of the "integrated topcap" of this stem, this is not compatible with long quill adaptors for threaded stems. FYI

Lartë e më lartë

Great stem. Nice finish and overall quality. Brought those bars to a much more comfy level. Easy install. If using a shim, torque those bolts way more than 4-5nm!!!!

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